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Student: Why there is no outside? Master: Nothing is beyond the mind. Energy cannot be separated or divided. Phenomena are together…

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To solve your problem in life, you must find the cause first. The search of the cause of your problem begins with meditation. Meditation cultivates relative…

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Watch Out For Negative Thoughts

Imagine that you have one negative thought. Gradually, you will generate more and more negative thoughts. So, the first negative thoughts is like a newborn baby. The newborn is continually fed, and…

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The Gift of Lifecat04

Taking a walk in the early morning, I noticed the morning dew on the grass. Each blade of grass gets its own drops; every leaf has its time in the sun. Every plant can only be where it stands - take in what is given and grow from that, nothing else. It is ludicrous to worry about not having enough or wonder what if it is somewhere else. "This" is the gift of life - or perhaps the curse of life, the karma, the reality -…

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If truth is on the other shore of the river, how do we reach it? To realize the truth, you must see every single thought that arises in your mind for what it…

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