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Wisdom of Master: How to Reach the Other Shore?cat02

When we define the truth, we are losing the truth. Put down all the definition. Without any definition,we reach the other shore. In every single moment, the truth is there, but our definition pushes the truth away. It is unnecessary to put any definition. Reality is…

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To Be Like Watercat05

Lao Zu, an ancient Chinese philosopher once stated thus: "the greatest good is to be like water." This saying I have found most helpful in everyday life…

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Radiant Beingscat04

We are pure Light, that is our true nature. We are radiant beings because this inner Light shines through everything we see, hear, and do. To radiate and expand is our nature. This Light is neutral by itself but always takes on the coloration of our thoughts. Complaint is an energy field. To complain about something or to hear complaint are both choices we made because we have created an energy field of darkness and violence. When…

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Change is necessary if you want to make progress in life. If you are reluctant to change, everything including your problems will remain the same. Remember that your thoughts and explanations are excuses. They are not…

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Change Thoughts

Think about your own state of mind. Can you change a worried thought to a happy thought? Only if your mind is perfectly empty. If your mind is not empty, it still has ego. With…

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