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Koan: Fire seeking firecat04

The warden of the monastery had long been in the presence of Master Yuan Yi, yet never once asked for dharma instruction in person. One day Master Yuan Yi asked the warden, "Why don't you come for an interview?" "Abbot, you don't know?! I already found the entry point to the Way when I studied at Green Forest." "Well, then show me." "Someone asked "What is the Buddha?" Master Green Forest said, "Fire seeking fire."" "Words…

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Live and Diecat04

This morning we took our daughter to the Los Angeles County Recorder Office to register her birth. This is what we saw at the entrance. Indeed, Life is made of births and deaths. Each piece of paper has a story of joy or sadness,…

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Learn From Mistake

Face the truth within you, so you can transform your karma. Every obstacle that manifests in our life is simply a reflection of our inner stagnation. When we use our mind improperly, we create karma that leads to suffering.…

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Koan: A String of White Pearlscat04

Master Dao Qian was the attendant of the abbot, Master Shi Shuang. After Master Shi Shuang's passing, the community asked the head monk to accept abbotship. Master Dao Qian reminded the assembly, "He must have a grasp of the abbot's teaching before we can accept him." The head monk asked, "What is the teaching of the Abbot?" Dao Qian said, "The abbot used to say, Cease, begone! Rest, begone! Chill,…

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Flexible Mind Leads to Realitycat02

Most of the time, we are occupied by our own judgment. We define the person we see and circumstances we encountered. We live in our own definition. Sad but true. Master Miao Tsan in his new book tells a Koan (story) to let us know why we are who we are and…

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