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Live With Impermanencecat02

Student: How to live with impermanence? Master: First we need to realize the meaning of impermanence -- every single moment is changing.…

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Identification with 'things'cat04

Life is filled with 'things', both material and otherwise. There are relationships and feelings. There is the summer heat on your face, and the hunger for food, success, and recognition that drives you to eat, to work, to play and to rest. Then there are those ideas in your head. Every moment you are bombarded with 'things' - you see them, hear them, feel them, or think about them. But in the midst of them all, do you know…

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Very Difficult and Very Easycat05

Abbot's Words of Wisdom: Zen practice is very difficult, but also very easy. If you always look at others it is very difficult, if you always…

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Master Miao Tsan in UC Irvinecat02

Master Miao Tsan met students of University of California, Irvine at the Student Center last night, January 12, 2010. A heated Q&A session was provided to look insight into Universal Truth & Oneness, just use this mind. Very informative. And feedbacks from…

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A Dilbert Momentcat04

A meeting  in corporate America... Colleague A: "The deadline for this report is tomorrow." Colleague B: "I am all booked tomorrow - can't cancel the meetings." Colleague C: "You have the analysis I sent out last week, right?" Colleague D: "If we are not done, we are not done." Colleague E: "Did we ever promise a report?" Colleague F: "No, just a memo."…

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