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Karma is created by each thought the mind generates, If you focus on the right practice, your karma can be changed. When your body is in harmony with your surroundings, you can focus on the practice. ¶…

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No More Fightingcat05

Master gave an intriguing lecture today, which I will try to summarize. We are always getting into never-ending fights with the people close to us, because we keep trying to defend ourselves or fight…

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Wandering Thoughtscat02

Student:  How do I deal with wandering thoughts during the meditation? Master:  When we are practicing…

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Forever Youngcat01

Like many Americans of my generation, I always thought growing old was something other, more uptight, people did. I'm young at heart, and while I've collected more knowledge and have gained more respect for wisdom over the years, my world-view remains basically as optimistic and energetic as when…

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