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The Answer Is In The Question?!!cat02

I was amazed when I heard the phrase long time ago. Today still is from Zen Master Miao Tsan's teaching... "There is a Zen saying that 'the answer is in the question.' The answer will present itself when there is a true understanding of the root of the question.…

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The duality of the observer and the observed is an illusion, because both arise from the Mind. What we see in the world depends on how we see the world. What is good in our lives and what is bad are therefore equally our…

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Way to the Truthcat02

Remember that the truth cannot be perceived through habitual thinking. The truth exists for all time and in all realms. You will not find it by floundering on the sea of worry and confusion.…

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Judgments are not just negative thoughts; they are all the suffering you go through in life. Your resistance to people and situation is your judgment.

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Sleepy in Meditationcat02

Student: When I practice meditation after work, I am very tired.  Sometimes it is too hard.  What should I do? Master:…

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