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Rely on Universal Truth, not conventional truth.cat04

The common explanation of this teaching is always with regard to the written words of the Buddha, who taught what many considered as conventional truths - concepts and practices that addressed only particular situations. The sutras, the recorded teachings of the Buddha, has therefore been categorized into those containing conventional truths and those containing universal truth that is without exception. The recommendation…

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Change For The Better

The ancient masters said we should try to abide in impermanence. How is that possible? The answer is to keep creating a better future. Each moment is your creation, so the…

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What can you count on?cat04

When life brings challenges, what can you count on for support? Can you get relief from a good book, some sight-seeing, or visit a park? Do you need to "talk it out" or "numb it out"? Can some food or music do the trick or maybe a pill or two? Perhaps a massage too. Maybe what you need is really just one good thought - you need to think it through and make sense of it. Maybe your religion or personal philosophy of life…

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Our True Self-Worthcat04

Once I was told that my 401K can be down as much as 30% and I should do a re-allocation. As I stare at the numbers on my most recent statement, it seems all the numbers are quite arbitrary. As far as I know, my 401K down by 30% has not affected my life at all - at least in this moment. The only impact it had on me is creating some questions and concerns in my mind. So who decides the worth of my retirement account anyways?…

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