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Right Path to Liberationcat02

Student: What is the right way to uplift myself? Master: First, set the right goal.  Second, you need motivation.…

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New Yearcat01

Last Sunday is Chinese New Year, Chinese all over the world was celebrating this day. But what is new? what is old? Every moment is new, as master taught us "all the phenomenon generate and disappear at the same exact moment; that is the universal truth of impermanent!" So Every moment is new and every moment is leaving us right now too. You may say then there is nothing to celebrate; but why don't we look at it in a positive…

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The one who wants enlightenmentcat04

People want enlightenment, but it is more accurate to say that what they want is to know the person who wants enlightenment. Do not see enlightenment as a kind of experience, otherwise it will not have much meaning. Like any experience, it will go away. And you are left with nothing. If you know who wants enlightenment then you also know who suffered, and then you also know who caused the suffering. Now you can finally do…

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Rely on the Meaning, not the Word.cat04

To me the teaching of reliance on meaning instead of word is not just a warning against literal interpretation of Buddha's teaching - that would be substituting our words for Buddha's words. Given our deluded state of mind, I actually prefer staying with the Buddha's words. So what gives something meaning? It seems that meaning emerges only when concepts finally meets reality and become alive. In other words, we finally…

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Look Withincat02

No event in any external situation can affect your negatively unless you allow it to. Situations bother you because you generate restless thoughts based on habitual patterns.…

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