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Dettach From Phenomena

We have many issues in our lives. It is fair to say that every person has his or her own challenge. Each of us has built a wall, so it is our personal task to knock it down. This is a challenge, but…

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Holding up a flower, the Buddha's scriptures are not usedcat03

Holding up a flower, the Buddha's scriptures are not used, Facing the wall of the Mind, all future births cease forever; Where can the descendant of the Patriarchs be found? Seeing through the Void, the Moon is thus Luminous.…

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Why Enlightenment - Continuedcat02

From Zen Master Miao Tsan, "True liberation is the ability to remain in a state of complete freedom in the midst of imperma­nence. It is the ability to live in this changing world from an unchanging oneness of mind and matter. In…

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Promotion of New Book: just use this mindcat02

The new book, "just use this mind", written by Rev. Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) will be available in October 2010. Starting from August, 2010, due to the popular demand, major key notes of the new book will be posted in the blog. You are very welcome to…

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