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To the True Selfcat03

No trespassing, This place cannot be known to man; No recognition of appearances, Do not complain for the lack of courtesy. Here is the Joyful Dwelling of the True Self.      

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Two Realities?cat02

Student: What is dualistic thinking? Master: In every single moment, we live with two realities. Based on our self-attachment…

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Eventually we must clean up every opinion and every like and dislike in us. They will all become junk. All junks are self created like the piles of stuff in our garage. Remember, we are the ones who brought them home.

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A Peaceful Mind

Some emotional thoughts cause stress, pain, or tangling of energy. If you focus on the pain, it will tend to cause more pain. Have a peaceful mind, and the nature balance will return. With a calm mind, it is easy to let…

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Row Row Row Your Boat (zen version)cat05

Row, row, row your boat, Swiftly up the stream. Warily, warily, warily, warily, Life is just a dream.   WAKE UP!!!

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