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How Does the Pain Come Fromcat02

I am occasionally asked about the nature of pain. Pain does not only occur when you are miserable, it can happen when you feel happy and energetic. Actually, the question about pain has…

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Cause and Effectcat04

Problems do not exist before you think, they appear afterward. If this moment is truly honored as it is - you will see that all is well. The moment you give the tiniest room for thinking, problems will come back. So you say if I don't think about a problem, how can I solve it? Solutions do not come from thinking, in fact, it appears when you naturally respond to a situation as it presents itself. Is thinking useful at all…

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Mind and Emptinesscat03

Just when the Mind functions, There is no mind to function with, Without intent, the Mind simply functions, Functioning just in emptiness.        

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Radiant Beingscat04

We are pure Light, that is our true nature. We are radiant beings because this inner Light shines through everything we see, hear, and do. To radiate and expand is our nature. This Light is neutral by itself but always takes on the coloration of our thoughts. Complaint is an energy field. To complain about something or to hear complaint are both choices we made because we have created an energy field of darkness and violence. When…

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Real Happinesscat02

Student: What is happiness that comes from within? Master:  If we have happiness comes from within, we call it "Dharma Joy".  That…

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