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Turn the Cornercat02

Every person has habitual thought patterns. As ordinary individuals, we are attached to the patterns we have created. However, spiritual sages remain free of such hindrances. when a…

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Getting to Know Miao Tsan, One Word at a Timecat05

Just as the changing color of a single leaf reveals the arrival of autumn, understanding the individual can lead to an understanding of the Collective. * I don't know a lot of Buddhist monks. Before I edited Just Use This Mind, my exposure to monks in general was limited…

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Right Understandingcat02

What is right understanding? The right understanding is the realization that when you change and elevate your mind, everything in your environment changes. You will surely move in the right…

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Why do we generate so many emotions? The reality is simple, but emotions are complex. If we maintain calmness of mind, we will more clearly see what should be done. Then we can move in the right direction. ¶…

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I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, and I opened my email, dreading what I might find. At the top of the Sisyphean list was the Wisdom of the Week. These little nuggets are sent out to people on a distribution list who have indicated that they are interested…

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