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OK if I'm Not a Buddhist?cat05

While the truth is formless like the Void, it can express its existence in any form. Therefore, truth does not have to be Christian--or specifically Catholic or Protestant--nor does it have to be Islamic or Buddhist. Truth does not have to be Theraveda, Mahayana or Vajrayana Buddhism. Truth is simply the truth, and…

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Life Can Be Truly Grandcat04

"We are sole cultivators of our own lives, so only by withdrawing from the proliferation of all the homeless, wandering thoughts can we master our own lives. It has been said: 'Life's trials and tribulations are many, created by oneself and experienced…

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Zhao-Zhou's Practicecat04

Someone asked Elder Zhao-Zhou (Joshu) how he practiced, and he said "For thirty years my mind remains undistracted, except perhaps when eating and putting on robes. Most people dwell on what they know, I alone remain in the not-knowing." I find the idea of being un-distracted really intriguing. Some distractions are obvious, we become fidgety and chatty in social situations. Less…

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What is Truth?cat02

The new book, just use this mind, written by Zen Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) tells it all. "No theory or spiritual figure--regardless of his or her level of realization--can convey anything higher than the truth. No speaker--or the ideas he expresses--can go beyond the scope of the truth. Any…

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Looking for a Better you?cat02

Do you want to improve yourself? Yes. Then we need to realize the meaning of impermanence--every single moment is changing. The thought is changing; our physical body is changing; the environment is changing. People have fears that they are going to lose…

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