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At Peace with Meditationcat01

With modern research techniques, the concept of meditation in the minds of the western world has moved so far beyond the 1970s crunchy stereotype that medical practitioners are wholeheartedly recommending it to their patients, both for wellness and for healing.…

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The way we seecat04

The way we see is the way we go blind. Seeing always involves some evaluation, and any evaluation one makes can never be one hundred percent accurate and it always changes with time. The perfect evaluation, if there is such thing, is to make no evaluation, to have no opinion other than accepting the way things manifest right now. This is not yet the truth but at least the best approximation our ego can manage. To let go the…

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Are you free?cat04

Stop what you are doing now. Do not find substitute; do not plan to do it later. Don't let anything occupy your mind now. Are you free?

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Essence Of All Existence

You are more than the sum of your thoughts and emotions. You have potential for unlimited creation and growth, but you must employ the right tools of the mind. Each drop of water contains the taste of all water; every moment…

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Karma of Fearcat04

In Buddhism, there is the teaching of karma. It is often explained like the financial system - if you take from someone, you have to pay back. If you have given to someone in the past, then he or she will pay you back. Such understanding of karma is based on fear and greed. On one hand if life demands a lot from you, then you call that a bad or heavy karma; if situation and people tend to accommodate or favor you, then…

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