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Promotion of New Book: just use this mindcat02

The new book, "just use this mind", written by Rev. Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) will be available in October 2010. Starting from August, 2010, due to the popular demand, major key notes of the new book will be posted in the blog. You are very welcome to…

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Better Reality

  Each of us wants a better reality, so we must handle every situation with calmness of mind. Emotion is only for those who can neither accept their reality nor…

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Open Mindcat02

When the purpose of your work is primarily to help people, a much greater door is opened in your reality. The capacity of your mind expands with your earnest effort to help more people. You will not only obtain material benefit but will also experience deep joy. Contrastingly, if your effort is devoted only toward yourself, the scope of your reality will be narrow If you are always focused on personal benefit, the greatest…

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Gate Keepercat04

Every difficult situation always leads you to a single thought that you cannot go beyond. "I can't do this." "There is not enough time." "He is so controlling." "I have to ....." " I can't..... " "I should..... shouldn't......" "It's impossible to ...." "I don't care....." "Why can't he understand?" "People are just lazy.".... Whatever the thought is, it is like a gate keeper. No matter what you try, you will always come…

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Seeking Immortality?cat02

If you ask a child what he/she likes to be when he/she grows up. The answer varies. If you ask Zen practitioners what they like to be. All answers point to the same one: become an enlighten being and reach immortality. How to reach it with a right understanding?…

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