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Gifts from the Eastcat05

Open your mind completely to the present  moment. The past is no longer the reality, but the reality is instead this present moment. Only the manifestation…

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Endless Sequelscat04

I haven't seen a movie in awhile but lately movies that have been coming out seem to be part of a series. Even movies that are already in a series have individual…

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Peaceful Mind Peaceful Worldcat02

Student:  There are wars in some countries.  Is a peaceful world foreseeable? Master:  Yes, practice meditation more.  If every…

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When we are encountering troubles in life, it means that we misuse the ability of our mind. We should correct this and we should do introspection.  Ask ourselves how, why, when, and where I manifest the karma…

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Six Senses

The six senses are the karma of our human existence. The perceptions they generate are directed by our attachments; therefore, we separate our physical body and six senses from the totality of reality. Once you…

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