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Going to Sleep on the Selfcat04

You do something because a thought came to you. It came to you because you saw others do something. Since your thought is a product of another's thought and your action is a product of another's action, where is the real you in this picture? This is how we go to sleep to our true Self. We think and act unconsciously, like tennis balls bouncing off somebody else's racket and wall. The question is this: if you drop all thoughts,…

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Look Withincat02

No event in any external situation can affect your negatively unless you allow it to. Situations bother you because you generate restless thoughts based on habitual patterns.…

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The world, which includes our bodies, thought, feelings, perceptions, relationships, and physical environments, is the simultaneously appearing and vanishing display of the formless, boundless…

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Ready To Face Yourself?cat02

Facing yourself requires great courage as it is a painful process. But in order to free ourselves from endless suffering, that's the way to go. Here, Zen Master Miao Tsan tells us why we need to do it and how to achieve it. "In life, man has already…

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Motivation is far more powerful than ideas - ideas come and go but motivation is always there, 24/7, yet often hidden from your awareness.cat04

What you think, what you do, and what you say are secondary - yes, they are important, but not as much as the motivation behind them. If you are not aware of that motivation, then you don't know where your thinking and behavior will lead you, and you certainly won't know what you will get. So what really motivates you today?  

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