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Nirvana By Nauture

People tend to solve life's problem by solving external issues, but fail to grasp the roots of their problems. These problems are the habits and attachments within the mind. So, remember that the best way to change…

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Meet Larry Paynecat05

When you pick up a book, it seems to have a power that goes beyond the passivity of ink on paper. It emanates energy, beckoning you to read, promising entertainment, education or enlightenment. Much like a prayer shawl that holds the intention of the creator, a…

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Looking Forwardcat05

Happy New Year! A new year is like a new chapter in life. It marks a time to reflect and abandon old habits, and start anew. People always seem to have this mentality: "I am looking forward…

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Pure Mindcat02

Student: What is Enlightenment? Master: Enlightenment is a status of your mind. What kind of status is it? Enlightenment is the purity and…

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Mind and Emptinesscat03

Just when the Mind functions, There is no mind to function with, Without intent, the Mind simply functions, Functioning just in emptiness.        

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