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Must see, 18 Arhat Arrived in Monasterycat02

18 Arhat statues from China are arrived in theVairocana Zen Monastery. Some of them are in the Zen garden. Some are around the Monastery. Their facial expression and posture make them like real. It's just incredible. Pictures can be viewed from the link,

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I have been rude!cat04

A monk came to Master Pu-An to test his realization. Immediately Master Pu-An hit the monk with a staff, and the monk stepped forward and grabbed it. Master said, "I have been rude!" The monk then took the staff and hit Master Pu-An instead. Master said to the monk, "You are really good, really good!" The monk then bowed to the Master and the Master stopped him. "This time you are rude." Master said. The monk laughed out-loud.…

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How Does the Pain Come Fromcat02

I am occasionally asked about the nature of pain. Pain does not only occur when you are miserable, it can happen when you feel happy and energetic. Actually, the question about pain has…

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When you look at a flower, you may think it is either pretty or ugly, but the flower remains the flower. The reality of the flower is not affected by your perception and judgment. When you close your eyes, the…

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One strike, all knowledge is forgotten; No artificial cultivation is necessary after all. Every moment I uphold the ancient Way, Never retreating into silent stagnation.…

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