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The Mind As Iscat03

Phenomena is neither attractive nor repulsive, Attractiveness and repulsiveness both arise from the mind, Without forcing a label on the truth, From where would delusion come? Free of delusion, The True Mind's awareness is all pervasive,…

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Dong-Po's poem went eastward of the rivercat03

Dong-Po's poem went eastward of the river, Li Bai drank to the spirit in the Moon; Kicking over Men in front of the Huang-He Pagoda, Foot ache has remained to this very day.      

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Significance of 108: The Meaning of a Mala

A mala, a string of prayer or mantra-counting beads, tangibly expresses our desire to align with the principles of peace, love and oneness. Whether we use it as originally intended by various world cultures,…

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Better Mind, Better Phenomenacat02

Student: Master, on a very down to the earth level, we create phenomena by decisions we make.  Is that correct?  For example, we are making a decision to…

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Our True Self-Worthcat04

Once I was told that my 401K can be down as much as 30% and I should do a re-allocation. As I stare at the numbers on my most recent statement, it seems all the numbers are quite arbitrary. As far as I know, my 401K down by 30% has not affected my life at all - at least in this moment. The only impact it had on me is creating some questions and concerns in my mind. So who decides the worth of my retirement account anyways?…

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