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Real "I"cat02

Student:  Master, what is the main point of the Heart Sutra? Master: The true meaning of the Heart Sutra is trying to tell us that…

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Radiant Beingscat04

We are pure Light, that is our true nature. We are radiant beings because this inner Light shines through everything we see, hear, and do. To radiate and expand is our nature. This Light is neutral by itself but always takes on the coloration of our thoughts. Complaint is an energy field. To complain about something or to hear complaint are both choices we made because we have created an energy field of darkness and violence. When…

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When you recognize an object, would you care much about its shadow anymore? No. When you finally realize what is creating your thoughts and experiences, nothing of this world can ever bother you again.

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Have or Have Notcat04

One day a lay practitioner came to visit a Zen master and asked him, "Do heaven and hell exist?" "Yes" "How about the Buddha, the teaching, and the monastic community, do they exist?" "Yes" He went on to ask many similar questions, and the master always answered with "Yes". Puzzled, the lay practitioners said, "Master, I am afraid you are wrong." "Have you met an enlightened teacher?" "Yes, I met master Jingshan." "What…

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Learn From Mistake

Face the truth within you, so you can transform your karma. Every obstacle that manifests in our life is simply a reflection of our inner stagnation. When we use our mind improperly, we create karma that leads to suffering.…

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