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Going to Sleep on the Selfcat04

You do something because a thought came to you. It came to you because you saw others do something. Since your thought is a product of another's thought and your action is a product of another's action, where is the real you in this picture? This is how we go to sleep to our true Self. We think and act unconsciously, like tennis balls bouncing off somebody else's racket and wall. The question is this: if you drop all thoughts,…

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Cover the Eyescat04

One day, a monk noticed that Zen Master Yao-shan was reading the sutra. "Master, you normally don't allow us to read sutra. Why are you reading sutra yourself?" The monk asked. "Oh, I read only to cover my eyes." "So can I do that too?" The monk asked. Master Yao-shan said to the monk: "For you, you must see through cowhides."

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Real Practicecat02

Student: What is real practice? Master: Realize your mind and realize the abilities of your mind.  This is what we called practice.  Realize…

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Radiant Beingscat04

We are pure Light, that is our true nature. We are radiant beings because this inner Light shines through everything we see, hear, and do. To radiate and expand is our nature. This Light is neutral by itself but always takes on the coloration of our thoughts. Complaint is an energy field. To complain about something or to hear complaint are both choices we made because we have created an energy field of darkness and violence. When…

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Dong-Po's poem went eastward of the rivercat03

Dong-Po's poem went eastward of the river, Li Bai drank to the spirit in the Moon; Kicking over Men in front of the Huang-He Pagoda, Foot ache has remained to this very day.      

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