Master Miao Tsan in UC Irvine

Master Miao Tsan met students of University of California, Irvine at the Student Center last night, January 12, 2010. A heated Q&A session was provided to look insight into Universal Truth & Oneness, just use this mind. Very informative. And feedbacks from UCI students are very positive. Some wisdom highlights to share as below.

  • All learning comes from within.
  • By following our thinking pattern, we create a jail for ourselves.
  • Use the book, Just Use This Mind, to correct our concepts within, since we are the only person who can create and change our thoughts.
  • All materials, books etc, just tell us how to get rid of our attachments within.
  • Right practice comes from within.
  • Right thought and right action lead to right result.
  • Truth is truth. No definition is needed.
  • What within will manifest outside.
  • We are creating our future unconsciously. So have good and right seed to begin with is the key.
  • Once Karma is created, can not be changed anymore as it has been created.
  • In life, how many time we spend to deal with our negative thoughts/emotions.
  • With right thought, problems will be at bay.

Fa Hwa

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